Today comes to an end to what I personally felt was the best custom deliveries questline and ultimately a perfect indirect ending to Heavenswards.

The story of this is a young dragon befriended a young child who visited the sea of clouds and that dragon was called Ehll Tou. Ehll Tou after causing a few issues in Ishgard became interested in the art of crafting and saw it as a method to unite both humankind and dragonkin.

Naturally, to do this we have to help Ehll Tou and I personally felt like she became a friend and to get the mount of her at the very end felt much like how Albert did on The First.

In the end after dressing her up, teaching her how to become a weaver, learning how to cook and decides to show her fellow dragons the wonders of food and it is here the story takes a bit of a nice turn. Ehll Tou herself grows into a bigger dragon and one that has now evolved (or adapted) to be able to use tools which shows hopefully the first of many dragons to come to live side by side once again.

A touching story and one I really enjoyed but the thing that I will hold for my time in Eorzea is the feeling of friendship. Ehll Tou like a friend entering Eorzea for the first time, trying out crafting a bit and one day grow into a player in their own right. It reminds me of when Ryu stepped into his first dungeon only to now look at main tanking ultimates.

Ehll Tou reminded me ultimately of the friends that have come, have gone and the new ones to come and it’s quite likely I will ride Ehll Tou into the vast unknown in expansions to come.

While man and dragons may take generations to heal, Ehll Tou’s story is a perfect end to Heavensward.

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