With Shadowbringers nearly over we finally have the second part of the relic quest and while I am normally quick to go into great detail about how I didn’t like it I am pleased to say this time I enjoyed it.

This time around the relic quest can be done in two different ways and due to the fact I have been gravely ill for the last few weeks that my brother and myself decided to do it outside of the instance and we are now doing our second one in the new Eureka like content which I will write up in the next article.

Step One: FATE Farming

The first step with the relic quest outside of the new combat instance involves farming FATEs to get sixty crystals with twenty from one zone, twenty from another and so on and once you have these crystals you trade it in and get the first step of the relic which is ilv495 and five meldable slots. Honestly, a bit disappointed it was very easy but we found it quick to do and seems to always get a drop on each FATE so it could be a 100% drop rate.

Step Two: Dungeon Farming

The second step of the relic outside of the instance is done easily via doing six dungeons from the Heavensward era (you may be noticing a pattern that it is helping make current trial areas look busy) and once this is done the relic is over!

I am surprised in a way there was no light farming but for this relic quest line, I am happy there are two different methods and looking forward to the next step.

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