I am sure people remember their first days walking in the world of Eorzea and being directed to a guild that uses the same weapon as you brought with you and for the next thirty levels you get involved with the inner workings of the guild and even have a custom made gear designed just for you (I still even have the custom robe of healing) but as every player will know as soon as you unlock your job at level 30 you suddenly will never hear about the guild once again … even though you are a member of the guild and that you become very respected and that no one seems to care anymore.

What I would like to see once you reach level 50, then 60 and onwards is daily quests are added at the guilds for the classes that goes further into the daily life of that guild and the lore about it. In this example, I will be using Conjurer from here on as I main White Mage. 

Imagine a daily quest where you go to the Conjurer Guild and get a range of quests such as travelling around Gridania listening to the problems people have, speaking to the elementals and healing the sick while at the same time learning how and why they do all of this for the sake of the people. The quests would also give a chance to go into how the city states are ruled such as showing the not-so-hidden racism within Gridania.

I do understand this game wants to remove classes but classes are built into the core lore of the game itself and while I have long become aWhite Mage it would be nice to be able to go back to the roots and understand and live as a Conjurer and do what they do on a day to day basis.

In a short summary, I would love to see a beast tribe like daily quests for the classes and throw in the odd vanity reward  and allow us to witness what it is like to be a member of that guild outside of the training quests you get during the game.


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