If you are reading this then you want to be a Black Mage and if so, this is a little guide on how to DPS as a Black Mage although it ain’t perfect but its a solid start.

So the key to being a Black Mage is keeping as much as possible in your Fire Stance which increases your damage and your MP usage. After that we will switch to our Blizzard stance which will allow us to restore MP fast. So let’s get started.

Single Target

So to start things off, we will apply our longest dot that we have that will allow us to have as many chances as we can for Thunder Proc to activate. For this guide, whenever Fire Proc or Thunder Proc pops up that you use it after your current spell is used.

So first of all we start off with:

Thunder III

So once we have applied Thunder III to our first target, we will then start with our Fire spam. To do this we will first open up with Fire III to get us right into Astral Fire.

Thunder III > Fire III

So now we have a full stack of Astral Fire, we can now use Fire in order to attack and start killing our target.

Thunder III > Fire III > Fire (Repeat until you only have enough MP for the next spell)

So at this point we should have barely any MP left and only enough to use Blizzard III. At this point we will then do this. (This guide will assuming you got the default amount of piety with all 30 stats in Int).

Thunder III > Fire III > Fire (x5) > Blizzard III

So as you can see now, we are in Umbral Ice form which will allow us to start getting our MP back – but now we need to re-apply our Thunder dot – we NEED those Thunder Proc where possible. This time we will use Thunder II – we won’t have the MP for Thunder III.

Thunder III > Fire III > Fire (x5) > Blizzard III > Thunder II

And that’s its! At this point we will then use Fire III and then repeat all the above. However, this is not it for single target – we also have a very powerful spell we can use known as Flare … but unless we use it in a certain way its crap.

So assuming both Convert and Swiftcast is ready, we will now use Flare. So to do this, we will do the following.

Fire III > Fire (x5) > Swiftcast > Flare > Convert > Fire > Blizzard III

AOE Targets

So single target is simpel but now let’s get to the real power of a Black Mage – nuking tons of targets until they are dead, nearly dead or 10 feet under already.

So using our area attacks is quite a bit different and for this we will mostly use Fire II while still switching between Astral Fire and Umbral Ice. This time however I am not going to post one by one like above, you should already have an idea by now how Black Mage’s work.

Fire III > Fire II (until end of MP) > Flare > Convert > Swiftcast > Flare > Transpose-> Fire III -> Fire II > Flare > Repeat

And there you have it. Make sure to use Quelling Strikes after Fire III, and Raging Strikes for when you need that extra power!

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