So the next part of the Zodiac weapon is now under way and just like the ones before it – it is a grind but thankfully a grind that is not too bad!

So the idea behind this quest is that you are bonding with your weapon to release its true power and you do this simply by doing what you do best … which is well anything. The reason for this is for everything you do you are basically getting “light points”. Some things give you what seems to be quite a bit, others give you barely any and it seems this changes up quite a bit.

In other words you could in theory just grind fates and you will one day have the Nexus, or you could just grind Primals. Or you could do what I imagine most people will do is just play the game as normal using their relic weapon.

So it is on. I have heard quite a lot of working out behind it but honestly I’m too lazy to explain them.

Update – 17/9/2014

Ah, finally my relic weapon seems to be doing something!

Thryus Novus Progress

So here we go, if things work out as expected I should have it within two weeks ….. “should”.

Update – 20/9/2014

Thyrus Nexus Progress

So my relic is now showing further signs of bonding! I’m guessing then based on how long I “been at it”, if you actually spent all day doing it you would already have the Nexus already.

Update – 23/9/2014

Thyrus Nexus Progress

Yay, another stage.

Update – 24/9/2014

Thyrus Nexus Progress

Judging from data collected, I am 4/10 of the way there!

Update – 25/9/2014

Thyrus Nexus Pr

Half way to the Nexus!

So far I have enjoy this relic. Progression at your own pace lovely.

Update – 27/9/2014

Well it seems so far, I can do one stage a day which means I am nearly there!


Update – 28/9/2014

Hm, not even sure how many steps there is left to do. Still, another step!


Update – 29/09/2014

Yay, it actually looks like it is doing something! Guessing I am nearly there.


Update – 30/09/2014

And it seems I’m on the final, final part!


Update 01/10/2014

And exactly two weeks later, I’m done!!!!


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