Just a short while ago a new system was brought in for your retainers so they could either gather items for you, go out on a very long exploring mission or a quick one where they bring you back random items … and they are indeed random.

So I have two retainers (well, three but the other one isn’t important for this discussion). One is a botanist that is currently getting me a lot of items that I use to make vanity prisms (yay, easy profit, little effort).

The second one is an Arcanist that I am using to get hunting related items but more importantly this is the one I am using for Quick Exploring which I got quite a lot of random things listed below.

  • Carbuncle Garden Table
  • Carbuncle Chair
  • Majestic Mogtome
  • Allagan Boots Of Casting

So ya, the quick exploring does indeed bring random things back and while I do enjoy getting these random items I can’t help but think how OP this RNG could be.

Imagine you sent your retainer out and it came back with something like the High Allagan Coat of Healing without even having to enter The Second Coil of Bahamut!

Still, I wonder what she will bring me back in less than an hour.

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