For anyone that remotely have heard of Final Fantasy there is one thing people will be aware off is Summoners, Espers, Eidolons, Avatars or whatever you wish to call it. You might also agree with me that they do kinda feel … lack busting so to speak and for how they are explained as g’d like beings when you get them they do feel like the most useless thing compared to a Geography degree.

But the Primals in Final Fantasy XIV for the first time does feel far different. I remember the first time when I fought Ifrit with my brother and I remember it feeling like something that actually seems to over powered you rather than simply just another boss fight. And this logic carries on with the further versions of the fight – Hard Mode and Extreme Mode as they actually do feel like you are fighting a G’d which in the lore of the game you are.

Now I can say the same about Titan, Garuda and Leviathan – they actually felt like they were very powerful creatures worthy of the hype built up about them in past Final Fantasy games.

But it made me wonder about why do I actually think this and it got me thinking and I did finally decide on two reasons. The first is simply how the fights felt but the second, and most important reason, was the lore behind Summoner.

To Summon a G'd

To Summon a G’d

Now I do know Summoners in Final Fantasy XIV are kinda hated due to their Egi (and I do share the stance that Garuda-Egi needs a massive redesign and Titan-Egi should be the same as in Titan Ex mode) but the background information about how Summoning works is one of the most best explanation I have seen.

Within the world of Eorzea, Summoners are a Allagan Mage that taps into only a small party of the Primal’s Essence which they then transform into an Egi. What this means in simple terms is a Summoner only “borrows” a small part of a Primal’s power and then makes their Egi with it.

It is for this reason why I do feel the Primals are worthy of the hype that is built up. In the world of Eozea even the Summoners can not control the pure power of the Primals … something that makes them seems feared compared to every other random person summoning the full thing.

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