Although I am sure many people will disagree with me – this is simply, hands down, the best trial within the whole lands of Eozrea so far.

For those that do not know and do not mind spoilers, this trial is simply a fight against time while the boss is slowly walking to the end and if he does the duty is failed regardless on how close you were to killing him. This fight involves everyone having to pull their own weight and adapting to what is happening in the party and simply having one person not bothering is enough to cause a possible wipe.

But this trial is also great that it allows you to fix mistakes. Did half of your party die? It’s still easy to recover from. Did you miss the Dragonkillers? You can still DPS the boss down but if your party doesn’t agree on a method then your party will simply wipe.

But anyhows everyone within my small group has now completed Steps of Faith and it is time to wait for Heavensward!

The final push!!!

The final push!!!

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