Though seemingly impossible, Vrtra senses the presence of Azdaja in the Source, prompting you to travel north to bitterly cold Garlemald. In the mountains do you do battle with Cagnazzo, but though you prevail, your victory proves hollow. The archfiend of fire, Rubicante, seizes on your absence from Radz-at-Han and moves to destroy the voidgate in Alzadaal’s Legacy. When confronted at the base of Khadga, he issues you a challenge─and thus do you make for the summit to extinguish the flame of the voidsent’s ambition.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker – Gods Revel, Lands Tremble

In this fight, we are against Rubicante and it isn’t a fight I can say I enjoyed that much and honestly the guy just comes out of nowhere although admittingly it was already expected this will be the person fought. This article only speaks about the normal mode as I have stopped doing the extreme modes out of boredom.

Outside of your typical stuff, the main part of this fight is mapping a path across the arena that you have to follow so you know where the attacks are coming from. It is pretty simple to do but it can be confusing the first time you enter and it was only around halfway into the trial that I noticed what was going on.

Most of the four fiend fights so far are very flashy and it might just be my age nowadays but I am starting to think I have to turn down the effects so I can see what is going on.

The fight itself I will remember but it wasn’t a fun one.

The music for this fight is exactly what you expect when it comes to remixing original Final Fantasy tracks. While I do think the vocals are out of place and sound a bit like bad fan-fic lyrics you can find on YouTube, I do like the song and it is one I have downloaded for my MP3 player.

Overall is it a good fight? Kinda but it isn’t one I enjoyed that much.

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