For a very long time now I have been doing Moogle Ex to just get one item simply known as “Kingly Whisker”. This item can be used to create a whole range of items but the most important one, seeing the Malevolent Moggle Mogwand can NOT be used for two-handed vanity, is the Munificent Moggle Mogtome which I always wanted to use for my Scholar vanity.

Now while I have farmed this for patches, today we helped Rina to clear Moogle Ex … and the one person that has such bad RNG luck gets it … Seren.

But regardless after an undisclosed deal, Seren kindly provided the Kingly Whisker and finally as of today one of my goals in 2.x has been completed 🙂

So thank you everyone who helped Rina and double thanks to Seren for not taking me to the cleaners!

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