As Life in Eorzea comes to an end and before I archive everything I thought I would write one last rant about something I feel Final Fantasy XIV required and that is more dailies that make you feel a part of the world. For this, I am going to split it into two different things – Class & Adventurer Quests.

Class Quests

This is something I was imagining when I first heard of daily quests until I found out it was just beast tribes. For these dailies, it would be nice to have dailies that let you do stuff that is related to the lore of your class (or later jobs that have no classes). To provide an example we will look at White Mages. White Mages’s class is Conjurer and a couple of things they are are:

  • Healing people
  • Communicating with the elements

Now think about what they could do with it. They could create daily quests where you go around healing people and finding out what is happening, helping to heal the forest and much more. While I can not guess what the rewards would be or how you would encourage people to do them it would help ground the Warrior of Light a bit and help place them in the world. These quests do not need to have a story behind them and can even be procedural quests where they pick a random thing to do out of a couple of options and even pick a random place to go.

Adventurer Quests

You are likely going to think these are just levies and they are but they should expend on it much more. Once again this could be procedurally generated but with using dungeons. These quests would help make the character feel like an adventurer once again where they are helping people. It can start with a random task such as helping X person to find something and then you have to go to Y. They could use dungeons as the base and use the zone as a place to go. Imagine an NPC asking for you to collect X item, or take them to Y place and then going to an old dungeon and just replacing the trusts bunch there with generic folks and syncing the level to the dungeon.

It would bring a bit of an adventurer feel back to the game and bring people back to the main cities hanging around the adventurer guilds. It would be nice to revisit old dungeons after they have been cleared out and for those zones to be re-used for other things.

One can only imagine I suppose.

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