I am sure most people know the spoilers by now but as of today I have beaten Phoenix and he will not be raising from the ashes any time soon!

I have to say that out of Final Coil of Bahamut so far, the fight against Phoenix have been the most trill I have ever wanted and healing that was well how do I put it – fuck me! No where on any fight in Final Fantasy XIV so far have I felt the feeling of everything I did to the second mattered and the feeling where the plumes appeared and the landslide like things happened and there was no damage … no movement – really felt like the feeling of a calm before the storm – just before the whole battle goes right into hell.

Originally in our first full try of it for the day we got it to 4% and then we ran out of time. We then tried it again and wiped but on the next try we cleared it although it was quite messy but as they say a clear is indeed a clear.

I will give a shout out to my healing buddy Tau – wouldn’t have want to share that healing feeling with anyone else!

And now … Bahamut.


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