Finally its time to come to the end of the current story – time to burst into Castrum Meridanum and save everybody!

So as per normal me and Ryu joins us and enters via Duty Finder. Being both a tank and healer we quickly get a group and this is where things get annoying – everyone in the group was demanding that we skip the cut scenes and do a speed rush so they could farm for their tomes and being told we can watch the cutscenes in the inn and not ruin their game play.

Although I was debating that they likely watched it all when they first did it, they didn’t really care and pulled everything anyway. Although I hardly cared as I wanted to see what happened in the story still as of today when I do Castrum I make sure everyone who wants too can view the cut scenes.

Anyhow after all of that we finally got to The Praetorium and the the final boss I so enjoyed that fight! We had such a nice group that actually waited for us to finish the cut scenes before pulling the next lot (although it was a speed run in the idea we was skipping the trash).

I was however able to get this screenshot of my brother and the final boss before they pulled.

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