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Although it has been a long time from when Palace of the Dead was released I have finally got around to giving it a shot solo and I am happy to say I have now completed it, got the title and going to give a tiny bit of input into it. Just for a bit of background information, I completed this playing as a White Mage with a fully maxed out weapon and armour and I would advise to grind it if you want to try this yourself. 

Just keeping the DoTs up ...

Just keeping the DoTs up …

Overall I found it was pretty easy to do and none of the bosses actually provided a problem (did not have to heal that much and was able to pretty much burn everything down) but I did find that the floors that gave me the most issues was actually floor 21-30 and those bloody slimes wanting to one shot me every single time. 

Once I hit level 60 I found I was able to kill things with little more than a regen while just smashing their faces with Stone III. As The bosses themselves was fine as I wrote above and found opening the fight with using Lust and popping up the maximum amount of debuff it would accept and then transforming back and just keeping my DoTs up with spamming Stone III was enough for the bosses – even the final boss worked the same way.

And the proof!

And the proof!

Reflecting back at doing Palace of the Dead, I would imagine doing it as a Summoner would be the easiest way to do this as Titan-Egi as a tank is simply such a great benefit that Summoners don’t really get to use in day to day duties.

Nonetheless, it was pretty fun and it is not yet possible to solo all the way to Floor 200 but hopefully, I will complete this floor before the end of Heavensward!

Piece of Cake!

Piece of Cake!



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