With Endwalker coming “soon” I can’t help but it is simple to know what for White Mages we will have Dia II and Glare II coming rather than simply a trait to make them stronger and while I understand people want new abilities it is sad you are unable to use the old ones as they now just auto-upgrade even if they do it to save people’s hotbar space or when content is synced.

So the solution to this? Glamours. Imagine if you were able to select Stone IV and it would take the place of Glare but dealt the same damage. You could do the very same with Aero over Dia and while I much prefer the holy feel for White Mages I do know many prefer the natural feel and it would be an amazing way to do so.

While melees don’t have this problem as many of their skills are add-ons some tanks may prefer the old feels of their skills such as Rage of Halone over Royal Authority. It would even be amazing to be able to pick a “usage” animation such as the spell casting from Eureka so it feels like you are casting a cool down as a Paladin.

I do know it is a feature that may not be used much as most jobs changes follow the same pattern with White Mage being the major one that changes from an elemental to a holy feel (as much as I do prefer it feeling holy) it would allow having a small form of customisation. While I would not allow it to borrow animations from other jobs it would also be nice to release a few different spell glamour that could be locked behind achievements such as maybe an extra cast animation glow from Ultima Ultimate for those that has cleared it.

Overall I think it would be amazing to be able to glamour some old spells back. Just picture it – Stone IV for Glare, Stoneskin for Divine Bension, Aero for Dia and much more. While this game will never allow traits and understandably so, it would give just that tiny bit extra choice for those that may prefer the class feel.

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