With Endwalker roughly 1/3 into the expansion life we have the new relic quest line and the story this time focuses on Godbert. Godbert, due to what happened with the final days, has decided he wants to recreate the weapons that have been in the family for so long so that he can help people. To do this Godbert has seemed us out and has funded Gerolt to make these weapons from the manual that has been passed down.

With the backstory out of the way the relic quest itself kinda sucks. For reasons, I don’t understand the development team waits so long in the expansion to release the relics and when they do the first part it is very quick. It seems the development team doesn’t understand that many people enjoy the relic quest because it is a grind even when it tends to be useless compared to the tome weapon.

The relic quest only has one step and has a lot of stories assuming you haven’t done the Hildibrand questlines as you will need to do them to be able to start the relic and I do mean back from A Realm Reborn. There are no trials or duties to complete or the relic storyline itself but you will need to get 1,500 tomestones that aren’t poetics this time around. I do not know why they didn’t add a bit more of a grind to space it out but at least for healers, it is a very good weapon until you get the raid or upgraded tome one.

With the story and the grind out of the way, I am disappointed with the White Mage’s relic design. There was no common theme for these weapons with some looking very different to their lv89 job counterpart and others looking like it is upgraded designs. I honestly would have preferred the joke weapons designs and have a common theme as the weapons don’t follow the class or job themes well for some jobs.

Overall I am disappointed with the relic quest. The relic quest has never been about getting an amazing weapon but rather the grind. People can get a quick and easy weapon via tomes, extreme trial or the market board but the relic has always been to waste some tie enjoying a grind and that was taken away. I think the development team keeps listening to people far too much when it comes to complaining about how long or hard things are and with that they are cutting things down so it is more “accessible” to get for folks.

I just find it odd that Final Fantasy XIV seems to actively “punish” people that play often and you are just much better off subscribing for a month at the end of the year assuming you don’t care about raiding although you can’t even do this if you have a house and such. I do think that the development team needs to release the relics earlier – they were always good for the downtime between raids although I will wait to see what the rest of the quest has to offer in future.

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