A Grind worst than Novus … is over

Patricia in a chocobo suit!

Patricia in a chocobo suit!

For anyone that thinks the Zodiac Quest line has been the longest grind so far in this game, you have not yet seen (or possibly not noticed) there is a far more massive one – getting your Choocbo up to Rank 10.

Now I won’t get into the debate if the grind is worth it but you do get a really lovely suit and if you put everything into one tree – you get a lovely looking barding that when respec comes out my poor little tired Chocobo will soon be wearing the White Mage barding.

For those interested I ranked up my Chocobo mostly by spirit bonding during 2.0, 2.1 and now 2.2.

But finally the grind bigger than Zodaic is over … and I still got to wait a few weeks to respec to get the reward I want. Still the chocobo suit looks nice!

And on that note,


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