For any that has visited Life in Eorzea for any length of time will know the job that I main is White Mage and thus my healer vanity resolves around this.

For my White Mage I have two different sets of vanity on two different gearsets which I use on both the latest tome / raid gear (Orison Robe) and then the crafted set that is melded with accuracy for dungeons and raiding when I get to the point of being able to DPS for most of the fight.

Adventuring Gearset 

So for my main gearset that I run around with (and do dungeons with) I use the classic Healer Robe and the rest of the Healer gearset aside with the Nirvana cane.

For most of A Realm Reborn and Heavensward, this has been my go to vanity in between this and the Cleric Robe.

Resting Gearset

Now as I do roleplay from time to time – I do enjoy imagining what I would be wearing under the Healer Robe and there are two quick answers to that – first it is the Healer Culottes, Healer Gloves and of course the Healer Boots.

The second answer is the smallclothes top. I tried to find a top that I could wear under it such as the Hempen top but I could not find anything that looks like it fit or could be dyed to be a matching colour so I went with the smallclothes.

Under Gearset

Now the last part of the vanity is the smallclothes underwear. So under the Healer Culottes I simply wear the smallclothes underwear. I did originally was going to end with the Healer Culottes but as I could not find a matching top for it I ended up having to do it like this so things could match up design wise.

I am hoping that in 4.0 there will be a bunch of swimwear that will allow me to find a set of underwear so to speak that looks nice but for now this is the whole gearset.


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