First time in Turn 2 (as a Summoner)

To some the First Binding Coil of Bahamut is a very hard raid, to others it is very easy but as I am sure many of you agree that has done it- the enrage method turns it into a joke!

But due to it becoming a joke it also allows a totally under geared Summoner that otherwise would be over looked from doing Coil. So having geared up my Summoner in Crystal Tower gear on the left (and PvP gear on the right, shhh) I figured it was time to try Turn 2 as a Summoner so I could gear up my retainer.

So I popped onto Party Finder and tried to find a party … only to find the people that is searching for parties are casters that don’t want other casters so they can get the loot!

So I finally find a party that was setup by a Paladin looking to get all of his loot and with that we set off to Turn 2. So our party had a Paladin, two White Mages, a Scholar, a Summoner (me), Dragoon, Bard and a Monk and after some silencing issues we finally got to the bottom.

On the way down against every target I noticed the damage I was doing … sucked big time as I was missing just about everything and anything.

Still though we get down get down to ADS itself and while I still remember the days when people had to pass around rot, the Paladin pulled and ADS flies over. I quickly whack on Raging Strikes, whack on my dots that actually sticks … and ADS enrages.

The battle ensures and as you would expect from the enrage method we won with little issues and the Allagan Bracelet of Casting dropped with no other casters to steal it from me!

Overall it was fun but not something I would do again too often I don’t think, DPS still quite boring for me. But at least my retainer will get a bit better gear when she finally hits level 50.

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