Meet the team: Ryu Nirvana

For the few that might be reading this that know me from in game, you may know that I started the game with my brother who in game character is known as Ryu Nirvana. What you may know is Ryu mains a Paladin and plays as a Warrior when the need arises.

Ryu started the game back in the very early beta and it was in Beta 4 he rolled as the Ryu in the screenshot and started off as a Gladiator, then levelled up a Conjurer and then unlocked the Paladin job which he mains to this very day. Progress wise he has progressed further than the Atma quest for the relic weapons, pretty much cleared the First Coil of Bahamut and now finally getting around to the Primal Ex modes.

In terms of style, Ryu much prefers to dress using long coats with armour rather than pure armour designs like the Darklight or even the original Paladin relic gear and is looking forward to getting the High Allagan Coat.

Although this goes without saying, my brother is also one of the founder members of The Nirvana Company which is still active to this day.

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