Foestalker Gearset’s

There is one thing I do love about online RPGs is all the different gear sets that you can collect and back in the beta there was one gear set I always looked the look off …. but never been able to get my hands onto it – the Foestriker Gearset!

The gear set itself has the following:

  • Foestriker’s Tabard
  • Foestiker’s Mitts
  • Foestriker’s Skirt
  • Foestriker’s Boots

It is the first gear set in the game for physical based damage dealers that actually looks like amour someone would wear to a battle … its a shame though mages can not use it 🙁

I will be uploading a gallery soon – just need to get the plugin setup again!

Good news though a few weeks back I finally got the main chest bit itself which means up to CT and Coil (and one bit of healer gear from The Lost City of Amapoor), I have all the gear sets that drops from all the duties.

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